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yaay i'm back in Newgrounds

2011-05-04 03:51:16 by jezreel8

okay. it's been how many months now since my last rate, comment, game, movie and post.
I've been busy a lot lately with schoolwork and summer is here and hopefully I'd get more fun and leisure from Newgrounds from this day on.


yaay i'm back in Newgrounds


2009-09-12 18:49:15 by jezreel8

Hey guys, please scout me. I'd really appreciate it.

I'd send in as many drawings I could draw (pretty obvious). I'm serious, guys!


2009-07-25 09:01:48 by jezreel8

People have been recently been racist. We should stop them.

Nah, just joking. I'm just going to send a crappy story for you.

One day, Spongebob was walking on the street.
Patrick: ME KEELZ J00! *kills spongebob using a knife*



2009-06-18 22:43:00 by jezreel8

I was waiting for a time like this...
I can finally show my madness to teh world!
YEAH! OH YEAH! This new thing called Art Portal. Yeah...

Thanks for reading...FU

Lookin' for awesome games!

2009-06-13 19:01:36 by jezreel8

Hey guys, I'm writing these reviews on the top latest games here!

The Sims 3 - This game is cheaper than The Sims 2. And it's cooler than Sims 2 with or without patch!
GTA IV - Still here and still awesome!
Left 4 Dead - I wish I could buy that DVD.
Left 4 Dead 2 - Coming out in November!

Okay, it's your turn to give a review!

Lookin' for awesome games!

LOL. I play DotA

2009-05-29 10:42:30 by jezreel8


Stupid Siblings...

2009-03-26 04:51:04 by jezreel8

I have a brother, we call him Jo.

Me: Jo, please get me a glass of water (I needed to drink because I played a seriously addicting game)
Me: o_o


2009-03-21 01:17:35 by jezreel8

From the stupid Charmander to the great (more stupid) Charizard (pokemons are friggin' gay).
Yeah, I'm like that, but I still don't get it why everybody doesn't like waffles, well, some do. AND I AM ONE OF THE FRIGGIN' HELLUVA ONES!

Okay, back to the topic. I just leveled up from 5 to 6 (Just like an Asian tryin' to say to a noob in CS:
LOLZ, J00 just got PW0N3D BY T3H 1337 AWP). And, yeah. Just like that.

School is almost over here in the Philippines (probably because of the narwhals song) and summer is almost here. Summer is not really boring for me, I go to the beach, eat, uhhh, poke my fat brother's belly, uhh... and continue to be loyal to Newgrounds.



2009-03-13 19:53:59 by jezreel8


Do you like school?

2008-12-01 06:37:27 by jezreel8

Man, I'm so mad of school, it's stopped me to play games! Darn, I hate school.
1.School includes:
2.Crazy Reports.
3.Hard Homework.
4.Strict teachers.
5.Stupid Retarded Bullies who steal your money.
Man, I think I like school, if I just realized.
2.Cool teacher(s) (I only like one teacher, my Art teacher)
3.My barkada (Filipino word for clique, group, gang)
4.Little bit of fun
5.No classes

I hate school 50%
I love school 50%