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Lookin' for awesome games!

2009-06-13 19:01:36 by jezreel8

Hey guys, I'm writing these reviews on the top latest games here!

The Sims 3 - This game is cheaper than The Sims 2. And it's cooler than Sims 2 with or without patch!
GTA IV - Still here and still awesome!
Left 4 Dead - I wish I could buy that DVD.
Left 4 Dead 2 - Coming out in November!

Okay, it's your turn to give a review!

Lookin' for awesome games!


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2009-06-14 14:47:19

i play MGS4 and Its very fun.


2009-06-16 04:01:48

Yeah MGS4 is pretty damn awesome.
I just got Prototype and it's also pretty damn awesome.
And other stuff

jezreel8 responds:

LOL. Cool!